Vocational School Administrative Committee

Vocational School Administrative Committee is constituted of three academic staff elected for three years by Vocational School Committee choosing from six candidates determined by commission come into existence of the director and codirectors heading by the director. Administrative committee meet according to director’s call. Administrative Committee may constitute, education coordinations and occasional working groups when necessary also organize their duties.

Vocational School Administrative Committee is the unit of administration that helps director in administrative processes and its duties are listed in order as;

To help director for applying essentials stated according to decision handed down by the administrative committee,

  1. To provide applying vocational school education plans & programmes and academic calender,
  2. To prepare vocational school investment programme and budget proposal,
  3. To adopt a resolution in all works of vocational school administration guiding by the director,
  4. To decide on applications about student acceptance, course conformation, purging from the course also education and examination proceedings,
  5. To officiate in related works caharging by the operative law.