İstanbul University Faculty of Forestry’s Proposal dated 08/08/2000 and numbered 6 related to institution of Vocational School of Forest Management mentioned as Vocational School of Forestry commited to İstanbul University Faculty of Forestry was debated at the İstanbul University Senate convention dated 10/08/2000 and numbered 56 and submitted to the Council of Higher Education.

Appropriateness of Vocational School of Forestry Management Institution committed to İstanbul University was declared by the Council of Higher Education’s 08/11/2000 dated and 2423 numbered document. Subsequently, İstanbul University Senate’s proposal for changing as “Forestry” instead of “Forest Management” in Vocational School’s name was approved at the Council of Higher Education’s 21/01/2002 dated and 1357 numbered document.

Vocational School of Forestry was established as 2 departments named as Technical Programmes department and Administrative & Economic Programmes department. Teaching began in 2001-2002 education term for Irrigating Technology and Paper Technology Programmes found in Technical Programmes department, in 2002-2003 education term for Wood Working, Game and Wildlife Programmes, in 2004-2005 education term for Cultivation of Ornimental Plants Programme; respectively. Departments and programmes structure were changed as stated below according to the Council of Higher Education Executive Council’s adjudication revealed in meeting dated 15/04/2009. This sitution was applied from the beginning of 2009-2010 education term and education activities have been resumed.

543 Materials and Material Processing  Technologies Paper Technology ( was closed from the beginning of 2010-2011 term.)
621 Plant and Animal Production Furniture and Decoration
Irrigation Technology
622 Park and Garden Plants Cultivation of Ornamental Plants
623 Forestry Game and Wildlife